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Le vie Francigene del Sud: Our choices.

They have been presented at the ITB in Berlin.






Events and traditions

Check out the Events and Traditions that T.Re.CC has reserved for you.

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Experiential Tourism

Discover the experience that you can live with us.



"Religious tourism should be managed with the greatest freedom from political and administrative, as well as religious, authorities, so that the components of the local communities may truly  be the main protagonists of its reception. Families and young people, priests and hoteliers, guides and public operators are encouraged to submit projects 'open' to the many and varied needs of visitors. "

Translated from Bishop Carlo Mazza,

Director of CEI National Office for the Pastoral Care of Leisure, Sport and Tourism 1999.


  "TreCC for 2016"

Read the 2016 catalogue for travel offers

Read it in English

  "27 Centuries of Culture - Rome,Naples"

a “Rome-Naples”: 6 days from/to Rome to see religious, cultural, archeological beauty of 27 centuries of history

Read it in English

  "Sacred Art in Naples"

cultural tourism for couples and family “Sacred Art in Naples”

Read it in English

  "Jubilee 2016"

 We added a “Jubilee Walks”, 4 days from Naples to Rome….for medium or small groups, with 3*** level of hospitality and services

Read the brochure

Read the programme

T.RE.C.C. represents a real opportunity to see Campania, and especially Naples and its surroundings, under a new and different light... Religious tourism as we see it is the mix and match of those elements which the current toursit offer is still lacking. 

T.Re.C.C. is a proposal that stives to improve the traditional devotional tourism. It is aimed to individuals and groups alike, with the added value of cooperative tourism.



 "La Via Francigena"

 Read an extract about the "Via Francigena" issued by the European Association of the Vie Francigene

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