promotoriThe promotion and supporting action behind T.Re.C.C.

The Italian touristic offer, although wide and varied, only sheds light on a limited part of the cultural aspects which exist in our paeninsula.

Our solid cultural heritage is apt to satisfy each and every facet of tourism, yet it’s the local territory that very often does not manage to attract enough attention to reach its full touristic potential.

Naples and Campania are no exception. They both can boast artistic, archeological and historical masterworks. Through religious tourism, today still in embryonic form but with a great growth potential, a big difference could be made on the market.

Religious tourism shares the basic model of regular tourism, but it tries to reinvent it by merging it with the religious experience, shaping it so that it can become a new emotion and experience-based tourism.

This was the cue for a group of social actors, Confcooperative Napoli, ACLI Napoli, BCC di Napoli e Consul Service Soc. Coop. to play their part activating the “Promotion Committee for Religious Tourism in and around Naples”, aiming to favour, starting from Naples and its whereabouts, new opportunities for religious tourism, in the hope of starting new local businesses and contributing to job placement and young entrepreneurship.

 That is why the first operative action of the “Promotion Committee for Religious Tourism in and around Naples” was to make T.Re.C.C. a reality.

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