The “Duomo” Cathedral of Naples is the city's premier place of worship; each year on September 19, it hosts the miracle of San Gennaro, the city's patron saint. During the miracle, which thousands of Neapolitans flock to witness, the dried blood of Januarius is said to turn to liquid when brought close to holy relics said to be of his body: this is one of Naples' most important and longstanding religious traditions. San Gennaro is the most important of these, with the miraculous liquefying of his blood. However, the miracles associated with Saint Patrizia and her miracles and the cult of the dead are also important.
The most important churches in Neaples are:

  • The Duomo is a 13th century Gothic cathedral dedicated to Naple's patron saint, San Gennaro. A huge festival is held when a vial of his blood is taken out of its storage place in hopes that it will liquefy. On one side of the duomo is the 4th century Basilica Santa Restituta (the oldest church in Naples) with columns believed to be from the Temple of Apollo, good ceiling frescoes, and archaeological remains from the Greeks to the middle ages. The 5th century baptistery has good 14th century Byzantine-style mosaics.
  • San Lorenzo Maggiore is a 13th century medieval church with extensive Greek and Roman remains underneath (closed Mondays)
  • Santa Chiara Church is part of a large complex that includes a monastery with beautiful cloisters decorated with majolica tiles and frescoes and an interesting archaeological museum.
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